Texas Girls' Choir Long Tour 2002

London / South Africa


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South Africa

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It was a long trip Finally South Africa Elephant Addo NP
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By the London Eye Hector Pieterson Museum Ostrich Addo NP
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By the London Eye Chief at the Lesedi village Lions need Bloemfontein
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Riding the London Eye Homestay family in  Bloemfontein Lions near Bloemfontein
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The view from the Eye was awesome Homestay family in  Bloemfontein Lion near Bloemfontein
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Sight seeing in London Homestay family in  Potchefstroom Ostrich Addo NP
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Breakfast with friends Boys school watching girls perform Wart Hog Addo NP
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Riding the tube(subway) Getting off the bus to the Big Hole at Kimberly  Baby Wart Hog Addo NP
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Hanging out in Hamleys Toy Store Riding camels near Oudtshoorn Giraffe near Bloemfontein
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Tribute to Princess Diana in Harrod's Riding camels near Oudtshoorn Meerkat in Port Elizabeth
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Group at Buckingham Palace Riding camels near Oudtshoorn South African Penguins Cape Town
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Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace Sitting on ostrich at Ostrich Farm  Penguin walking in from the Indian Ocean
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Group by Prince William and Harry's London Flat Standing on ostrich eggs Baboon near Oudtshoorn
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Stephanie and Angie by Prince William and Harry's London Flat Petting cheetah at Cango Wildlife Ranch Pet at homestay
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Group at Buckingham Palace Touring Cango Caves Tortoise near Oudtshoorn
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Hard Rock Cafe London This is the beach I could see from my hotel in Cape Town Dazzie on Table Mountain Cape Town
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Performing at The Victoria Embankment Gardens  We're on the bus heading to the airport in Cape Town. I'm coming home! Elephants Addo NP

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