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Awards 2002-03


2002-03 Panteras Awards - April 11, 2003
Miss Drill Team CHHS Irene Maddox
Outstanding Senior

April Eubanks & Caitlyn Tomasik

Outstanding Junior Lauren Davenport
Outstanding Sophomore Daniella Ortega
Outstanding Showmanship Britttany Tolar
Outstanding High Kick Ashley Hickson
Outstanding Dedication Courtney Ussery
Outstanding Dance Technique Shelby Beyer
Outstanding Precision Gretchen Williams
Outstanding Motivation Amanda Saunders
Perfectly Positive Lauren Huber
Honor Guard of the Year David Smith
Manager of the Year Jessica Hale
Pantera Scholarship Allie Mack


MA Dance Nationals - UTSA - San Antonio, TX - March 28 -29, 2003

Finalists - Caitlin Compo, Ali Kamczyc, Daniella Ortega

Trio National Champion - Shelby Beyer, Daniella Ortega, Gretchen Williams
Elite Team Second Place
Super Sweepstakes Team
Technique Award Team
Winners Circle Team
Choreography Team - Jazz, Lyrical, Modern
National Champion Team - Lyrical, Modern
Best in Class Officers
Technique Award Officers
Super Sweepstakes Officers
Choreography Officers- Jazz, Lyrical, Modern
Highest Lyrical Score Officers
Second Place Overall Officers


American Dance Competition -  Allen HS - March 1, 2003
Sr. Solo Winners

1st Place - Caitlin Compo

1st Runner up - Ali Kamczyc

Runner up - Shelby Beyer, Daniella Ortega, Gretchen Williams

Best in Class - Duet Ensemble April Eubanks, Joey Vidal
Best in Class - Small Ensemble Shelby Beyer, Daniella Ortega, Gretchen Williams
Best in Class - Medium Ensemble Elite Group
Sweepstakes in Jazz, Lyrical and Modern Team and Officers
Judges Award for Jazz, Lyrical and Modern Team and Officers
Gussie Davis Award Team
Southern Exposure Award Team
Best Overall Choreography Team and Officers
Best Overall Technique Team and Officers
Best Overall Precussion Team
Best Overall Presentation Team
Academic Champions with 3.49 GPA Team
Best in Class Officers


Crowd Pleasers Competition - Fossil Ridge HS - February 22, 2003
Jr. Solo Winners

1st Place - Daniella Ortega

2nd runner up - Shelby Beyer

Sr. Solo Winners

1st runner up - Caitlin Compo

3rd runner up - Ali Kamczyc

Sweepstakes Team and Officers
Super Sweepstakes Team and Officers
Crowd Pleasers Award Team
Outstanding Showmanship Team and Officers
Outstanding Technique Team and Officers
Most Outstanding Routine Team
Best in Class Jazz Team and Officers
Best in Class Modern Team
Best in Class Lyrical Team and Officers
Show Case Elite Team Elite Group
Grand Champion - Best Large Team Team
Choreography Award Officers

Most Outstanding Large Team Officer Group

Most Outstanding Ensemble Elite Group




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11/15/2002 Keli Koester  Allie Chandler Brandi White  
11/8/2002 Kim Rogers Elisa Alvarado Lauren Huber Ali Kamczyc
11/1/2002 Joey Vidal


van Hoek

Meg Brandon  
10/25/2002 Leslie Mohler Brooke Feris Gretchen Williams  
10/18/2002 Erin Doody Crystal Bentley Ashley Hickson  
10/11/2002 Laura Reta Sarah Hedtke Lindsey Turner Allie Mack
10/4/2002 Lauren Davenport Mari Knuth Mandy Brenegan Katie Dlugauskas
9/27/2002 April Eubanks Lindsey Turner Erica Gray  
9/20/2002 Courtney Burkhart Desiree Jones


van Hoek

9/13/2002 Amanda Addy Brittany Tolar Shelby Beyer Caitlin Compo


Caitlyn Tomasik

Lauren Huber

Daniella Ortega

Jenna Thalken


Marching Auxiliaries Dance Camp - July 22, 2002
Outstanding Performance CHHS Panteras
Medal Winners Courtney Burkhart, Caitlin Compo, Katie Dlugauskas, April Eubanks, Ali Kamczyc, Belle Karr, Allie Mack, Irene Maddox, Daniella Ortega, Erin Smith, Jenna Thalken, Caitlyn Tomasik, Courtney Ussery, Meghan Wilkerson, Gretchen Williams
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Invitation Caitlin Compo, Katie Dlugauskas, Ali Kamczyc, Allie Mack, Irene Maddox, Jenna Thalken

Outstanding Motivation

Dance Line Elite Dancers

Cozumel Invitation

Lauren Davenport, April Eubanks, Keli Koester, Amada Saunders, Michelle Simpson, Caitlyn Tomasik, Courtney Ussery
Crowd Pleasers Camp - T Bar M Ranch - July 17, 2002
Outstanding Team Performance CHHS Panteras

Individual Outstanding Dancers

Allie Mack, Irene Maddox, Jenna Thalken

Outstanding Showmanship Katie Dlugauskas
Star Dancer April Eubanks
Outstanding Senior Caitlyn Tomasik
Outstanding Junior Courtney Burkhart
Outstanding Sophomore Daniella Ortega



Marching Auxiliaries Officer Camp - June 2002

Gold Award

Most Disciplined

Blue Ribbons on all Dances

Officers (Caitlin Compo, Katie Dlugauskas, Ali Kamczyc, Allie Mack, Irene Maddox, Jenna Thalken)


Colleyville Heritage HS  Panteras 2002-03