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Solo participants at Allen Competition   Officer Trophies from Allen Competition
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Solo Finalists at Allen Competition   Trophies from Crowd Pleasers Competition
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Crowd Pleasers Competition   Crowd Pleasers Competition
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2003 Seniors Rule! Cheering the team during the Grapevine game
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After our Performance

Fossil Ridge Game

After our Performance

Sam Houston Game

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The Grapevine Christmas Parade

The Grapevine Christmas Parade

Previous Pictures

Pantera Squad at Tea Pantera Squad at Tea
Pantera Squad at Tea Pantera Squad at Tea
Pantera Squad at Tea Social Officers at Tea
Pantera Officers at Tea   Pantera Seniors at Tea
Pantera Managers at Tea   Having fun at camp
Ready for camp   Ready for camp
Ropes course at camp   Ropes course at camp
Ropes course at camp   Social at Trail Dust
Car Wash Fundraiser   Pep Rally for AHS Game
Seniors at Pep Rally for AHS   Before the AHS Game
Oil Derrick at the AHS Game   Jazz routine at GPHS Pep Rally
Cedar Hill Game   Cedar Hill Game
Hypnotize Haltom   We Manage
Homecoming Pep Rally  

Homecoming's"Bob and Sue"

Performing at the Keller Game   Fun at the Keller Game
Having fun at the Keller Game   Paws in the Air
Trinity Game Pep Rally   Raining at the Trinity Game
Halftime of the Boswell Game   Cheering at the Boswell Game
Fossil Ridge Pep Rally   Rain at the Fossil Ridge game
Seniors at the Grapevine Pep Rally   Our last Grapevine Pep Rally
Preparing for the auction   The annual auction



Colleyville Heritage HS  Panteras 2002-03